"Clothing and Caring"

Our Services

Suiting Program

Our core program is the Suiting Program. The Relief Boutique provides suits and business apparel free of charge to disadvantaged women who are employed, returning to work after unemployment, or entering the workforce for the first time. Our clients receive one-on-one assistance from volunteers who act as personal shoppers and offer advice on finding appropriate clothing for a specific industry and the right fit for a client.

We serve women who are referred through community organizations geared towards helping women find employment. On their first visit, our clients are offered up to two outfits, each consisting of a suit, a dress and a jacket, or professional separates, along with shoes, a handbag, jewelry and other accessories. Clients who gain employment or maintain employment following their first visit are invited back to select an additional outfit for their employment.

Foundation Basics Program

The Foundation Basics Program assists clients in finding appropriate foundation garments to wear with professional attire. The program includes complimentary bra fittings for clients, advice on finding the right undergarments for a professional look and, when available, gift certificates for local lingerie shops and department stores for the purchase of new foundation garments.

Shopping Guide

We have developed materials to assist our clients when they are shopping on their own. We provide lists of professional wardrobe essentials, where to buy wardrobe items and guidance on how to care for and clean articles of clothing.

Coming Soon

The Relief Boutique will also host periodic events to assist clients in maintaining a professional look, including:

Style Makerovers

The Style Makeover Event will include a presentation from a style expert who will help our clients put together professional looks on a budget. The style expert will help clients find style options that are appropriate for their specific jobs and industries. There will also be an emphasis on the importance of fit and comfort, the importance of accessories and on finding appropriate options for different body types.

Makeup Application

The Makeup Application Event will focus on skin care and make up application suitable for a professional environment. We plan to team up with professional skin care and cosmetics experts who will give demonstrations and lessons to our clients on makeup application that they can wear every day to work.

Hair and Nail Salon

We plan to have licensed hair stylists and nail technicians available at The Relief Boutique on a periodic basis (possibly once per season) to provide salon services and to give advice to clients on maintaining professional hair and nail styles.